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criminal justice

What is Criminal Justice?

The Politics of Policing

Investigating Crime

The Prosecution of Offenders

The Criminal Court Trial

Sentencing and Punishment

Criminal Justice and the Powerful Offender

Crime Prevention and Community Safety

history of crime and punishment

Course outline  

Criminology and History

Crime and Punishment in Early Britain

Crime and Protest in the 18th Century

Law, Ideology and the Gallows

Crime and Industrialisation

The 'New Police'

Prosecution and the Courts

The Modern System of Punishment

Gender and Crime

White Collar Crime

criminal justice and powerful offenders

Course outline

Powerful offenders (overview)

Criminal Justice and the Powerful Offender

organised crime and cybercrime

The corporate offender


The head of state as criminal offender

writings on criminology

Governing the Precariat through crime (2013)

review of Fitzgibbon: Probation and Social Work on Trial (2012)

(with Simon Hallsworth) Criminal Justice and the Security State (2011)

(with Wendy Fitzgibbon) Police, Probation and Community (2010)

Community, State and Left Realism (2010)

Marx and Engels as Criminologists (2009)

(with Simon Hallsworth) A Critique of Complacency (2008)

(with Kevin Stenson) Security, Sovereignty and Non-State governance (2007)

Crime, War and Security (2007)

terrorism, crime and civil liberties (2005)

Crime Control and the erosion of due process (2004)

Crime as Governance (2001) (Hungarian translation)

Policing and Institutional Racism (2000)

Social Crime Revisited (1999)

From Integration to Exclusion (1997)

The Return of the Dangerous Classes (1997)

Frederick Engels and the Crime Question (1996)

Postfordism and Criminality (1995)

Postmodernism and Criminology (1993)

The Square of Crime (1992)

Left Realism: A Defence (1987)

writings on other topics

Globalisation and Cosmopolitan Capital (Review) (2004)

Ideologies of race and urban violence in the UK (2003)

review of Istvan Meszaros Socialism or Barbarism (2002)

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organised crime

What Is Organised Crime?

Traditional Organised Crime

Traditional Organised Crime in Britain

Modernisation and Organised Crime

Globalisation and Criminal Networks

Russian Organised Crime

Crime, the State and the Economy

Money Laundering and Finance

Terrorism, War and Organised Crime

Combatting Organised Crime

Researching Organised Crime

sue leesLink to web pages dedicated to the work of Sue Lees, feminist activist and writer who died in 2002

other interesting sites

University of Brighton UK - a good place to study Criminology

Teesside Centre for Realist Criminology

University of Kent cultural criminology

Jock Young (articles on crime, policing, immigration)

N16 magazine (life in Stoke Newington, London UK)

Carolyne Kardia (painting and sculpture)

Lenin's Tomb - a great blog site!


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